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Buying in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Downtown or the Lower Mainland can be daunting. Having a skilled professional on your side to guide you through the home buying process will give you peace of mind and offer you extensive resources throughout your sales transaction.

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As a Sutton Buyer Agent, I work with first time buyers, investors and home owners every day. My primary role in helping my clients achieve their desired real estate purchase is to ensure a smooth sale and buying/possession process. Taking time to explain every detail of your transaction and focus on your individual questions and concerns is very important to me. 

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When you own your own home it can be one of the most rewarding feelings. A home is somewhere to create memories and build a sense of community. Homeownership enables you to have the freedom to paint, wallpaper, decorate and landscape without  asking for permission. Over time, your home becomes a living and breathing reflection of you and your family. But that is not all…

Your new property is also an investment. The equity incurred through homeownership appreciates in value and can help you build your financial portfolio.

There are many considerations in finding the house that you can call home. How close is it to schools and stores? Where is it in relationship to your place of business or public transportation? Do you want the   convenience and amenities of a newer home or the charm of something older? How many bedrooms?  How many baths? What about the yard?

The cost associated with the maintenance of your new home is another important consideration. How expensive will it be to heat? How expensive to cool? Does the landscaping offer any special benefits or difficulties in terms of maintenance? What items will need to be replaced within a few years—windows, doors, shingles? Above all, is the house a place that can become your home? Will it "fit" your family’s ever changing needs?

Excited to begin your search…read these before you get started:

  • Remember, whether you are buying or selling a home, Sutton is the name that delivers.  You can count on the fact that a Sutton agent will always go the distance to help you buy smart, or sell smart.

  • Ready, get set...wait!    There are a few things a Listing Realtor®  won’t disclose when you’re buying a home: How much you should offer on the home? What price the seller will accept? What terms of negotiation are in your favor? Why the seller is moving? Why you shouldn’t buy the house?

  • Want the answers, hire a Buyer’s Agent. Most agents work for the seller, which means the agent legally and professionally represents the interests of the seller. A Buyer’s Agent is different, he/she works for you. A Buyer’s Agent is obligated to get you the best price and to make sure that you don’t pay more than a home is worth, a common problem for buyers.  A Buyer’s Agent is the consumer advocate that is on your side.

    If you’re house hunting, the option is yours.  An agent that works for the seller, or an agent that’s dedicated to you and on your moving plans.  To discover the difference, call me today. You’ll be glad you did!

    If you have any other questions, I'd welcome to the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your concerns and situation. Ask me about my Home Buyer's Plan.

  • Please contact Lisa O'Dwyer on my direct line at 604-787-8832 or via my email at lisa@needmorespace.ca

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