Most of us do...need more space.  We may have items stored with friends and relatives awaiting a future move or we may be paying for storage.  If that is the case, I can always help you plan out other options - as in finding a home that fits your needs.  Additional storage expenses can become quite pricey over time and those items    stored rarely go up in value.  Whereas, if you invest your storage expense into a more suitable property, your investment will create equity for you.

We may wish to have an additional bedroom or more.  A yard for your children and pets to play in or for those backyard BBQ's.  A garage will help to provide plenty of storage solutions.  A baby's room, family room and games room are often needed at some point in time.  An office, study or den to call your own.  A larger roomer apartment with in-suite laundry and a deck is a thought.  As life goes on - we end up accumulating items and our families go thru different growth spurts.  If you are looking to expand your living arrangement let me help you find the perfect new home for you.

Less clutter, more space...will put you at ease.

Look forward to hearing from you.      Lisa O'Dwyer

Need more space!